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Waiting to Blossom

The Five Flag Poles in TST used to be a popular place for meeting up. “Waiting to Blossom” is a site-specific interactive work, that transforms the people waiting at this location into flowers.

“Waiting for Blossom”, commissioned by HSBC Open to Art, is concurrently launched with the M+ Yayoi Kusama exhibition. The interactive artwork is installed at TST star ferry billboard, from 8am - 11pm, 11 Nov - 11 Dec 2022.

香港是一個急速城市,但我們也會停下來「等待」,因為每人心裡面都有一件美麗的事。 等待下一站,等待驚喜,等待感動,等待成果,等待綻放。

「五支旗桿等」是一個年代的回憶,我以「等待」變成互動藝術作品,把在天星碼頭等待過的人變成花,把(埋) 隱藏在心中的美麗盛開。


《我等到花兒也開了》HSBC 滙豐銀行 Open to Art委約互動作品,和 M+草間彌生展同期開幕。於尖沙咀天星碼頭外大型屏幕展出,時間由早上八點到晚上11點,2022 11月11日至12月11日。

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Unit 2915, Block A, Southmark, 11 Yip Hing Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong.