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Please don’t let me be misunderstood

新互動作品《我不要蒙在鼓裏》將會在 @artbasel 2024 展出。

My new interactive installation “Please don’t let me be misunderstood” will be exhibited at Art Basel Hong Kong 2024. 26 - 30 Mar 2024 Art Basel Hong Kong 2024 Ora-Ora at Booth 1B32 Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre 1 Harbour Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

The drum is utilized as a profound metaphor for the human heart, delving into the complexities of interpersonal relationships. Through the integration of computer programs and electromagnetic simulation, a mesmerizing experience is crafted where real-time images and sound feedback mirror the beating of a heart.

Bass drum, circular LCD screen, computer and program, camera, magnetic actuator

大鼓、LCD圓形屏幕,電腦及程式, 視像鏡頭,電磁驅動器

ART BASEL HONG KONG - Ora-Ora at Booth 1B32 2024 March 26-30th (VIP), 28-30th (Public)

ART BASEL HONG KONG 2024 March 26-30th (VIP), 28-30th (Public) #ArtBaselHongKong #HenryChu #artfair

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