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Stone and F10W3R

這是我和中國藝術家馬德升的合作的作品,大師的作品首次在數碼媒體上呈現。作品取名《石與花》,分別是馬德升和我經常使用的題材。我的靈感來自馬氏的作品 《日升日落》,一對石頭戀人在看日落,時間好像停頓了一樣。我把時間重新注入了這幅畫,釋放畫中的情感。這是我首次和畫廊 3812 Gallery的合作,作品會在The Upper House the Lawn 展出至3月28日。

This is a collaboration between me and Chinese artist Ma Desheng, and it is the first time that his masterpiece is presented in digital media. The artwork is titled ”Stone and F10W3R,“ which are the subjects frequently used by Ma Desheng and me. My inspiration comes from Ma‘s work ”Sunrise Sunset,“ where a pair of stone lovers is watching the sunset, creating a sense of time standing still. In this painting, I brought time back into the scene, giving a lively pulse to the emotions captured within. This is my first collaboration with Gallery 3812, and the artwork will be showcased at The Upper House the Lawn until March 28th.

Stone and F10W3R Sunrise sunset, flowers wither flowers bloom

石與花 日昇日落,花謝花開

LED cubes , animation 4:00


48 x 48 x 144 cm

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Unit 2915, Block A, Southmark, 11 Yip Hing Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong.