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《反思》("Reflection") 是一個互動投影,觀眾能和自己的影子互動。

"Reflection" is an interactive installation that was part of the Detour 2010 Hong Kong exhibition, presented by The Ambassador of Design (now Design Trust), within the historic Victoria Prison, now TaiKwun. Using a depth sensor, the artwork captured users' shadows and projected a flipped shadow with a 3-second delay, prompting a dialogue with their past selves. Situated in a prison cell, the installation aimed to explore the theme of regret through introspection. By confronting their mirrored image, visitors were encouraged to reflect on personal journeys and confront the weight of regret. "Reflection" created an emotional space for contemplation and self-discovery.


該裝置利用深度傳感器捕捉用戶的影子,並投射一個延遲3秒的翻轉影像,引發與過去自己的對話。作品設置在監獄牢房中,旨在通過內省探索悔恨主題。通過面對自己的鏡像,觀眾被鼓勵反思個人旅程和面對悔恨的負擔。 《反思》創造了一個情感空間,用于思考和自我發現

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