Wind Piano

《聽風的琴》是一個為 50 YEARS OF ROYAL OAK exhibition in Hong Kong 而創作的聲音影像及活動藝術裝置。

這個5.5米長的特製鋼琴其實是一個互動風機,它模擬相隔了50年的風的對話(第一隻 Royal Oak 腕錶的誕生剛好是50年前)。

隨風擺動的投影,交織了瑞士布拉蘇絲森林和香港的城市面貌,上面的方格圖案和圓角長線,不但好像香港夜景,也是 Royal Oak 錶盤上的 tapisserie 圖案及 baton 指針設計。

Wind Piano is an audio-visual and kinetic Interactive installation created for the 50 YEARS OF ROYAL OAK exhibition in Hong Kong.

The 5.5m long custom-built piano is an interactive wind machine, it generates breeze that simulates dialogues between 1972(when the first Royal Oak is designed) and 2022(current year).

The beautifully deformed projection has square patterns and round-cornered lines, which not only resemble the night view in Hong Kong, but also the tapisserie and baton hand design found on the dial of the Royal Oak.

50 YEARS OF ROYAL OAK exhibition

Date: 2022 SEPT 16 - 2022 SEPT 25

Venue: M+ Art Pavillion

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Unit 2915, Block A, Southmark, 11 Yip Hing Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong.