Piano Winding

Piano Winding translates the visual, music and movement of WIND PIANO into a perpetually form-shifting virtual wristwatch.

WIND PIANO is an interactive installation created by Henry Chu for Audemars Piguet’s 50 Years of Royal Oak, it generates breeze that simulate dialogues between 1972(when the first Royal Oak was designed) and 2022(current year).

The artwork also features the artist’s own Royal Oak Jumbo 5402st A-series.

《聽風的琴在上鍊》延續了 《聽風的琴》,把視覺、音樂和動態轉化成一隻恒常變幻的腕錶。

《聽風的琴》是新媒體藝術家 朱力行 為 50 YEARS OF ROYAL OAK exhibition in Hong Kong 而創作的聲音影像及活動藝術裝置。它模擬相隔了50年的風的對話(第一隻 Royal Oak 腕錶的誕生剛好是50年前)。

這作品亦展示了藝術家收藏的 Royal Oak Jumbo 5402st A-series.

Video and music loop 1920 x 1080 00:32

*This NFT includes a 3D model of watch (point cloud format), please contact the artists for more details.

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Henry Chu is a Hong Kong–based designer, programmer, and digital artist. He always works with data, music and body movements.


Unit 2915, Block A, Southmark, 11 Yip Hing Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong.